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It's my MKMF!

Basically what the title says, here are the winners of my MKMF:

Best New Male Artist: 2PM

Best New Female Artist: Davichi

Best Male Artist: Seo Taiji

Best Female Artist: Gummy

Best Male Group: Big Bang

Best Female Group: Wonder Girls

Best Mixed Group: Clazziquai

Rock: Nell

Hip-Hop: Epik High

Ballad/R&B: Taeyang

Dance: Lee Hyori

House & Electronica: Big Bang - Haru Haru

Best Music Video Screenplay: Wonder Girls - Nobody (Jang Jaehyuk)

Best Music Video Director: Seo Hyunseung

OST: Taeyeon - If

Auction Best Style: Lee Hyori

Song of the Year: Big Bang - Haru Haru

Album of the Year: DBSK - Mirotic

Artist of the Year: Big Bang
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