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Not So Yummy Yum Yum

Many YouTube users were crying epic!failure to Tokyo Live when there was no live streaming of BoA's premiere performance for her US-Debut single "Eat You Up" once the clock struck 4:30pm, Japan time.
Most were disappointed because they had forgone sleep just to watch their beloved BoA live, only to find that they had waited for nothing.
As expected, the usual trolls and morons were aplenty adding more confusion to the already chaotic environment. Some people were even saying that BoA had some sort of an asthma attack, or something along those lines, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Hence, the delay of the broadcast.

I think the biggest factor to the entire mix up was people expecting the same live streaming broadcast presented by the US organizers. But that was never the plan for Tokyo Live.

Here is BoA's almost 21-minute long stage. I still haven't watched it. Bbl to edit.

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