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BoA will "Eat You Up" aLIVE

At exactly 4:30pm (Tokyo), BoA will be doing the first live performance for her US-Debut single, "Eat You Up" via YouTube's LIVE. She will be part of the Tokyo stage for this webworldwide concert party. Other artists performing are Kreva, Blue Man Group, and a few more.

In related news, the Asian version of "Eat You Up" will be officially used to promote BoA in the USA. This gives me hope that the slutty packaging of BoA for the American audience is being reconsidered. Please let this be true.

I was watching her Sidewalks TV interview and I must say I'm pretty impressed with her English skills. Christina Lee, the interviewer, was speaking quite fast but BoA managed to make out what she was saying. Granted that she already knew the questions beforehand, but her speaking and pronunciation was actually understandable, albeit fobby. I think it's safe to say that her English is better than Rain's.
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